How Desk Flex Can Help Your Business


Whether you’re looking for a Room Reservation Software or alternative, DeskFlex can offer a wide range of features to help you get the most out of your business. From the Mobile App to Analytics reporting, this software is perfect for any business.

Room reservation software

Using DeskFlex room reservation software can help improve the overall efficiency of your business. The software is equipped with a tracking system that provides accurate information about the status and occupancy of your workstations. It also gives you information about available seating. This can help you determine the best time for meetings and other events.

The software also gives you the option to make reservations quickly and securely. It is also integrated with Microsoft Outlook and MS Exchange, and it can be used to schedule conferences.

It also offers an easy-to-use tracking system that lets you know if your workstations are full. You can also set up automatic return of unused equipment. It also lets you send pre-stay automated messages to visitors. It also allows you to create invoices and settlements.

Mobile app

Whether it’s managing office spaces or facilitating collaboration, DeskFlex offers a modern workplace solution. DeskFlex integrates current premise management and access management technologies with identity validation, occupancy monitoring, and dynamic floor maps. It’s also a COVID-compliant solution with features such as contactless room displays, capacity limits, and visitor management.

With DeskFlex, users can make reservations anytime, anywhere, through a downloadable mobile app. The user interface is very user-friendly, and the system is easy to navigate. It also features a Beacon, which uses Bluetooth technology to record check-in and check-out activities.

Using the mobile app, users can check availability, make reservations, and modify bookings. Users can also check in using company-provided credentials. DeskFlex also provides real-time updates on approvals and booking statuses.

DeskFlex integrates with MS Outlook to sync scheduled events and meetings with the company calendar. This reduces no-shows and cancelations, and automatically sends reminders to all participants.

Beacon features

Using a Deskflex Beacon enables Bluetooth devices to share information over short distances. They are available in black and white variants. They can be used to notify staff of meeting schedules, or even to dispense free coffee. The best part is they can be used to promote a healthier work environment.

Using a Deskflex Beacon is the modern office worker’s best friend. They come with a variety of benefits, including the ability to use Bluetooth to communicate with other devices in the room. It also allows for a hands free, or contactless, way to make room reservations. It is also the most convenient room rental solution around. Using the Bluetooth technology, it is also possible to provide customers with the best possible experience when booking a room read this

Analytics reporting

Using an efficient tracking system, DeskFlex offers comprehensive reports on the status of office space, equipment, and staff. This allows facilities managers to determine which office spaces are in high demand and which ones are underused. This gives them the option to re-arrange the office space if necessary. It is also a cost-effective way of cutting down on costs, as it helps you control spending patterns over time.

DeskFlex offers a wide range of features for the public and private sectors. These include employee identification services, group rules, and a host of other features. It also offers a full suite of workspace reservation options.

The DeskFlex reservation system is user-friendly and allows businesses to check space availability and make reservations in advance. This includes a hot desking app, which allows staff to make reservations right on the company intranet. In addition, the DeskFlex Beacon feature uses Bluetooth technology to record check-in and check-out activities. The system also sends automated messages about pre-stay and post-stay activities.

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