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There are many trillions of hours of video on YouTube. Literally. The site has been the best place to upload and view films online since 2005, yet that isn’t even its most astounding statistic. Having said that, there are times when having one of those videos on your phone or computer is actually necessary or desirable. But when the subject of download youtube video online is brought up, there is a related question that must be addressed: Is it legal?

In terms of copyright, as long as you’re downloading a video for your own personal offline usage, you should be alright. Consider Google’s YouTube terms of service, which state: “You may not access, reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, licence, alter, modify, or otherwise use any part of the Service or any Content, unless it is (a) done so with prior written consent from YouTube and, if applicable, the relevant rights holders or (b) as expressly permitted by the Service.

Obtaining YouTube Videos for Download

Off-line access to YouTube videos via unauthorised channels costs Google and the video producers money. YouTube features adverts because some individuals rely on it for their livelihood.

Stealing YouTube videos is obviously prohibited. YouTube and most other video-sharing services make it simple to share videos by enabling social network sharing, emailing, and embedding. Most of the time, download youtube video online is unnecessary.

But you have your explanations. Here’s how you download youtube video online if you absolutely must, only for yourself and not for sharing or to be a complete douche-nozzle.

NOTE: This story is updated frequently because the tools being utilised are always changing. Some of those developments are not necessarily pleasant, such as software that has so many “extras” that antivirus programmes label it as malware. The same is true for the helper websites; changes to an online publication’s ad network might lead to malware problems.

To prevent this from turning into a comprehensive list of websites and programmes that can download youtube video online, we established a few criteria for inclusion.Offerings must:

  • Work with Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube, the top three video sharing websites.
  • At least with the commercial version of YouTube, you may download entire playlists or channels all at once.
  • MP3 audio output (or offer companion software that does so).
  • Have a user-friendly interface.
  • Besides your email address, we won’t collect any other personal data about you.
  • Not include malware It’s out if there’s even a PUP’s worth of it in the air.

As of this writing, all of the programmes, services, and websites mentioned in this article are free of spam, viruses, and other issues, but buyer beware. Really big.specifically if you are not emptor-ing.

Premium Downloads from YouTube

Customers of YouTube Premium, who pay a monthly fee to watch videos without YouTube Videos for Download advertisements, presently have access to video downloads. Sort of. One requirement for video quality applies to all downloaded content: the resolution must be at least 1080p. No 4K.

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